1.) The Amazing Mr. Ash, Brian Gersten (11 min, 59 sec)
2.) Within the Box, Max Asaf (21 min 47 sec)
3.) Beyond Blind, Matt Lauterbach (6 min)
4.) Intuition, Shuling Yong (10 min)
5.) Embodies Hillary Bachelder (38 min. 35 sec)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Filmmakers will be present

A showcase of projects from Kartemquin's acclaimed Internship and Diverse Voices in Docs programs.

In this shorts program you will meet a beloved and eccentric Chicago-area magician in The Amazing Mr. Ash, directed by Brian Gersten; director Max Asaf embarks on a journey into his family’s past to confront their unspeakable experience in the Holocaust in Within the Box; Beyond Blind, created by Matt Lauterbach, will help you understand vision loss; Shuling Yong's Intuition looks into the bottom rung of the academic ladder in Singapore; and Embodies by Hillary Bachelder explores perceptions of the female form through portraits of a nude model, a medical embalmer, and a roller derby mother of three.

Detailed film descriptions and the line-up for each evening’s program can be found online. Approx. 90 minute long program.